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Now Open at Manara Arts & Culture

Serving your favorite R&B items at Manara arts & Culture - Al Weibdeh.

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CHOP CHOP is our food genre

Get acquainted with our Mezzaluna chopping style and avoid those poorly chopped salads. There’s never an excuse for making a mess.

Get as personal as you want with a ‘make your own bowl’. Color it with your favorite toppings and toss it with one of our signature dressings.

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We Cold Press too!

While cold pressed may seem like a fancy synonym for ‘juice’, in reality, there’s more to the science and art of cold pressed juices. Besides the crafty twist to their taste, cold pressed juices are a source for greater nutritional content. We find happiness in shamelessly clarifying the benefits of this juicing process. Mainly, there is minimal heat application involved in the juicing process. The result: maximum nutrient retention, extended nutrient preservation and consistent mouth feel.

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